Specialty Locks for Special Applications

Utility locks are an auxiliary lock. They can be pin tumbler, wafer tumbler, tubular, disk tumbler, magnetic and electromechanical locks that secure everything that does not use conventional door locks or padlocks….read more

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3 Reasons To Keep A Locksmith On Speed Dial

Locksmith Services Vista

There are few things more frustrating than locking yourself out of your house and car and not being able to find help in the middle of the night. Here are 3 reasons to find a locksmith ahead of time and keep him or her on speed dial.

1. Afterhours Lockouts

In an ideal world, getting locked out wouldn’t even happen. However, it does, and it happens often. Every year, tens of thousands of people across the country are locked out of their car, and guaranteed these haven’t been all during regular business hours. A locksmith works around the clock to help you get to where you need to go.

2. Will Not Damage Your Lock

Sure, when you are locked out of your car or your house, you might be able to find a friendly passerby or a neighbor who can jimmy rig the lock and get you back in. However, this can very easily damage your lock as well as pose a safety hazard for you if you do not know the person well. Working with an experienced locksmith means that you are less likely to damage your lock and make the problem worse.

3. Fast and Efficient Service

Working with a locksmith is usually the fastest way to get back into your car or house if you have been locked out. If you have a complicated lock such as a keyless entry or a code, a locksmith is the one you should trust to be able to get it open for you. They have the tools and equipment to open any type of lock that you have and can provide the quickest service.

You probably already have your significant other, your mom or dad, and any other number of personal relationships on your speed dial list. Consider some of the important reasons to add the number of a locksmith to that list today, and visit this website to learn more about locksmith services in Vista.

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Can I Make My Sliding Doors Burglar-Proof?

Well, no, you can’t. There’s no such thing. But you can make it harder for an uninvited guest to get through those sliding doors. Just a few preventative care measures could mean the difference between keeping your possessions safe and losing them to the criminal opportunist.

First, be sure to always lock your doors. Sounds simple, but too many daylight robberies are due to unlocked doors. Even if you’re only popping out for a moment, lock up behind you. There’s nothing worse than going out for milk and coming home to a disaster. Second, sliding doors should be equipped with alarms. They’re an open invitation to burglary, so make sure you have door frame and motion sensing alarms on them. Your alarms are only as good as your alarm company though, so be sure you’ve invested in a reputable company’s services. Third, remove temptation. Don’t put valuable items in front of windows or anywhere they’re visible to strangers on the street. Don’t make yourself look easy to rob. Lastly, make sure your locks are high quality jimmy proof protective plate locks.

Jimmy proof locks refer to door locks with a vertical interlocking bolt that prevents the lock from being lifted, pried, or otherwise removed from the protective locking plate. That means it’s virtually impossible to force your way past a jimmy proof lock. Their construction is intended to provide the very best in security, so they’re built to withstand attack with or without tools. The protective locking plate makes it very difficult for a robber to get around the lock by busting up the frame. Jimmy proof locks are the best bet for home security. Really, you should replace every exterior lock in your home with these high security locks, but most particularly your sliding doors. Sliding doors, especially glass sliding doors, are a boon to burglars because they’re so easy to force through. Jimmy proof locks, coupled with tempered glass, or solid wood doors, make it much harder for you to be a victim. They force the burglar to put extra work into getting in and out, and make you much less attractive to them. A clever criminal won’t waste time on you if you have solid security and good common sense.

You can – and should – call a locksmith to install your jimmy proof locks and protective plates. Look for one with a reputation for quality and integrity. If your locks have been damaged, in an attempted break-in or otherwise, they can repair them properly. For quality door lock repair in La Mesa, visit this website.

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High Security Door Locks

Security door lock

Security door lock

High security multipoint locks give you the peace of mind of knowing that your possessions – and your family – are safe against unwanted intruders. Solidify your personal or business security with quality locks…

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Master Lock To Present Solutions for Locksmiths at ALOA

Master Lock Company will showcase a wide selection of products that deliver outstanding performance for locksmiths and their customers at the 2015 Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) Security Expo & Convention, being held July 24-25 at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada…read more

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Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Transponder Keys

Car locksmith services in El Cajon

1. What is a Transponder Key?

Remember way back in the old days when car keys looked just like house keys? Those weren’t transponder keys. Cars built after about 1995 come with transponder keys. They contain a miniature electronic chip that emits a signal when exposed to an electromagnetic field. Your car won’t start unless the signal emitted matches the signal the car’s computer requires.

2. How Does a Transponder Key Work?

There’s an induction coil built into the ignition lock on your car that sends out the required electromagnetic pulse to get a response out of the chip when you turn the ignition to “on” with the key. That pulse powers the chip – which is otherwise dormant – to release the signal. The signal either matches what the computer expects to see, or it doesn’t. If it does, the ignition lock releases and the car starts. If it doesn’t, the car won’t start. So in order to drive your car, your key must be correctly cut to turn the ignition lock, and the chip must be correctly coded to emit the proper signal.

3. Can I Get a Spare?

Call an automotive locksmith. Check around until you find one with the technology to properly cut and code a transponder key. A spare transponder can mean the difference in a late night visit from a locksmith. Visit this website for the very best in car locksmith services in El Cajon.

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