The Benefit Of Lock Rekeying For Your Home

Rekey Locks El Cajon

Rekeying for Added Security

Exterior doors are homes’ first line of defense against unwanted intruders. Anyone with the key that fits the lock has access to the home and all the valuables. But what happens if the key holder is no longer welcome?

Don’t Change the Locks

Improving security does not require expensive and time-consuming lock changes. Instead of changing all the hardware, a locksmith is able to change the pins in the lock, thereby changing the key that opens it. That process is known as rekeying.

Tenant or Roommate Changes

Even when a tenant or roommate’s departure is amicable, the next renter is still vulnerable to unwanted access to the home. Keys are easily copied and so it is impossible to know how many keys a former occupant may have had. The simple process of rekeying makes all old keys void, no matter how many there are.

Unauthorized Former Vendor Access

Contractors, house cleaners and pet sitters are common professionals that routinely have access to house keys. But what happens when the project is done or the vendor has problems with an unscrupulous employee? Instead replacing all the locks in the house, the homeowner has the option to rekey the locks and effectively restore security.

To explore the benefit of lock rekeying for your home and to find a company to rekey locks in El Cajon, follow this link.

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