Classic Leather Key Chain


Special keys can be handsomely displayed hanging from a belt with a personalized leather keychain. This would be a great gift for any man who may have the tendency to misplace his keys.

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3800 Series Sliding Door Mortise Lock

Hager Companies introduces the 3800 Series Sliding Door Mortise Lock, new to its Sliding Door Hardware line. This heavy-duty commercial mortise lock features an ADA thumbturn and can be combined with any vertical pulls available in Hager’s trim offering…read more

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3 Ways A Locksmith Can Assist With Your Car Transponder

car rekeying services in El Cajon

The technology that has been invented in the automobile industry is pretty amazing. Many automobile manufacturers make transponder keys for their vehicles now, and locksmiths keep up to date with training and equipment to help you with all your rekeying needs. Here are three ways a locksmith can help with your care transponder.

1. Use High End Tools With Accuracy

Locksmiths have high end tools for creating transponder keys. They can cut replacement keys with a high degree of accuracy from accessing the on board computer in your car.

2. Program the Transponder

The transponder is then programmed to ensure that it will work for your particular vehicle.

3. Help With Most Makes and Models

A locksmith has the latest equipment and technical skills to work with nearly every make and model car that has a transponder.

If you are in need of car rekeying services in El Cajon and have a transponder key for your car, a trained locksmith is the best choice for the job. With the proper tools and equipment to cut replacement keys and program the transponder on almost any vehicle, you will be able to get your rekey done in an efficient and accurate manner.

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Storefront Security with Ilco 452 Series Heavy Duty Deadlatch

Glass and aluminum construction brings the outside in through the glass walls and doors, offering a more welcoming appearance and maintaining energy efficiency for many commercial establishments, multi-family housing and office buildings….read more

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Apartment Safety

Untitled-2 copy

Practicing simple, proactive security techniques can keep apartment dwellers feeling safe and secure. By using common sense and a proven door security device, a resident can feel confident without going overboard on locks and security chains.

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The Benefit Of Lock Rekeying For Your Home

Rekey Locks El Cajon

Rekeying for Added Security

Exterior doors are homes’ first line of defense against unwanted intruders. Anyone with the key that fits the lock has access to the home and all the valuables. But what happens if the key holder is no longer welcome?

Don’t Change the Locks

Improving security does not require expensive and time-consuming lock changes. Instead of changing all the hardware, a locksmith is able to change the pins in the lock, thereby changing the key that opens it. That process is known as rekeying.

Tenant or Roommate Changes

Even when a tenant or roommate’s departure is amicable, the next renter is still vulnerable to unwanted access to the home. Keys are easily copied and so it is impossible to know how many keys a former occupant may have had. The simple process of rekeying makes all old keys void, no matter how many there are.

Unauthorized Former Vendor Access

Contractors, house cleaners and pet sitters are common professionals that routinely have access to house keys. But what happens when the project is done or the vendor has problems with an unscrupulous employee? Instead replacing all the locks in the house, the homeowner has the option to rekey the locks and effectively restore security.

To explore the benefit of lock rekeying for your home and to find a company to rekey locks in El Cajon, follow this link.

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9999 or 1234: Not a Good Choice


Sometimes four little numbers is all that stands in the way of a thief and your property. Make sure you know how to pick a strong code that no one can guess.

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